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Boa constrictor amarali
Boa constrictor constrictor
Boa constrictor imperator
Boa constrictor longicauda
Boa constrictor ortonii
Boa constrictor occidentalis

Island forms
Boa constrictor nebulosa
Boa constrictor orophias
Boa constrictor sabogae

Controversial subspecies
Boa constrictor melanogaster
Boa constrictor sigma

Color forms


Peter Kahl line
In 1983 were 4 newborn Boa constrictor imperators imported from Colombia, 3 males and 1 female. During next six years reached these natural albinos adult age without successful reproduction, what helped to decision of original owners to sell one of males.

This male was bought by Peter Kahl from Baltimore for 25000 USD, till that time probably the highest price gave for one Boa constrictor. After quarantine, was this male in year 1989 given to other 6 Colombian boa constrictor imperator females and during December 1989 and January 1990 the male mated more times every female. In June 1990 two of the females gave birth to the first controlled offspring of Boa constrictor imperator 100% heterozygous for albino on the world.

Offspring was sexually divided and kept separately. During very high amount of feeding the yearlings have almost 1,8 meter in body, so the group was left to mate in breeding season 1991. This risky decision was awarded by birth of first controlled produced albinos over the world in 1992 – for illustration, litter was 22 neonates, 3 of them albinos.

Brian Sharp line
Albino Boa constrictor line was set after Kahl line and later. The coloration of representatives is more intensive than by Kahls, already neonates are richer at coloration and they are keeping this character till adult age. In the USA are Sharps more accounted than Kahls and their amount between breeders are not as high as in Europe is. The most important thing is, that both albino lines are genetically not the same, they are independent.

Coral albino
Coral albinos do really have very intensive coloration of Boa constrictor coral albino form full of clear red ground. Not many representatives of Boa constrictor in this color form was bred, price is really high.

Paradox albino
If amelanistic Boa constrictor does sometimes have a black speckle – what kind of animal is that? More information is on pages of society Vision Herpetological.

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