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Ten years ago we decided with my wife, that we both in childhood wanted to have a snake as a pet at home. Both mothers were strictly against and independently on each other they produced and argument of kind “not in my house” or “snake or me” etc.
We decided to buy a snake and we did choose the right one with aspect to character, size, coloration and breeding conditions for us as for just reptile beginners only with experience in breeding dogs and aquarium fish. We bought the literature…
Unfortunately the book authors came to quiet different viewpoints. Ballpython, what was our first choice because of character and adult size, was described as almost not breedable for beginners with complicate seasonality changes and so on.
So final choice was morph boa constrictor. Boa was suitable with his relatively quiet character, smaller forms also with adult size, nice coloration and feeding conditions. We liked most Boa constrictor amarali subspecie.
But at this time we got problems how and where in the Czech Republic buy a true locality pedigree boa without any mixture with “boa domestic”. Witnesses of these times will smile, because in middle nineties was not the situation, that breeder beginner could easily believe the seller all about origin of animals and the future adult size. It was quiet common and unfortunately this trend is not dead up today. Some Czech “breeders” from group of “smart monkeys” have offered and offer various size and origin boa domestic mixtures with how many times high detailed supporting stories.
Buyer could get impression, that the seller is in principle saviour of wild living animals, that are systematically exterminated by native citizens because of food and following production of porte-monnaies for tourist from USA and during his journey in South America, the subadults and adults have crawled him by selves into his knapsack, because the have foresaw, that only by this guy they will survive and this saviour has seen that fact by fortune at home, when he wanted to give the socks into washing machine, so he cannot (logically) have for that unplanned import any documentation or permit and so it is and if it is not, let me fall through in Western Germany.
Such a snake we did not want…
We came from our experience with dog breeding. In this frame we are also lovers of clear origin and we have dogs only with pedigrees. Some of our friends wander why we pay for one our Staffordshire bullterrier 25.000,- Czech Crowns (approx. 850,- EURO) and we travel to buy them 500km, when in the next town is also the breeder of this dogs and a puppy costs 3000,-CZK (100 EURO).
But… during time have some buyers from the seller in next city realized, that they wanted a compact dog max.39cm high and with 20kilos and they have at home now a doggie over 50cm high and 40 kilos heavy… They will not return the dog now, because the owners sure love it, but primary idea and will for buying was hardly deformed.
We made our cages and we looked for somebody in the Czech Republic, who will be able easily to declare the features of the boa we would like to buy. And… no one was able to prove that.
At least we found a schoolmate of my wife, who just imported a few snakes from USA and from this guy we bough our first animal. After a few months we have seen, that alone snake is sad and so started our collection.
During relatively short period has our own scrupulosity lead us into situation, that we had in collection over 60 animals, 5 Boa constrictor subspecies from 11, a few true locality boa forms and four Boa constrictor color mutations as heterozygous, dominant and co-dominant too. As a bonus we bought also the problematic ballpythons J. All of them we have successfully bred and we got the babies.
With continuing growth of “lack of time” because of our citizen work etc. we a little shorten our collection and we more specialized our breed. Original species and subspecies diversity was focused on boas only and for pleasure and very low space requirement we breed the green pythons too.
Our credo is “to know, what I am buying and to breed the quality”. New parents of our snake children are satisfied and we are in regular contact with them. An advice with breed or help in case of any complication is going without saying, which we give to the new owners of our snakes. This cannot say everybody and we are proud on this our character attribute.
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